NBJ Summit 2013: Testimonials



In your words: The 2012 NBJ Summit

“Well done, great speakers, and thoughtful conversation concerning subjects that bear the most importance to our industry. You can't beat the conditions, weather, logistics, and great company with some of the most influential executives in the Nutritional Category.”
Michael Jeffers, CEO, Helios Corp

"I always view this event as the Davos of the industry, where a lot of the senior level executives can come together and basically just chat about the industry and where it’s going, in a very cordial, social manner, which you don’t normally get."
George Pontiakos, President/CEO, BI Nutraceuticals

"This venue offers great opportunity, it’s not high pressure, every minute is filled with sessions, and that’s what I like about the summit."
Pete Zambetti, Director of Global Business Development, Capsugel

"It’s a great way to connect with a fantastic community of people who are motivated and committed to making this industry what it can be."
Jim Hamilton, President-USA Division, DSM Nutritional Products

"Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to host the NBJ Summit Female Executive Roundtable last week. We had an overwhelming response and enjoyed insightful, productive conversations surrounding marketing to women in our industry. I also enjoyed participating on the panel for the Corporate Driven Healthcare Reform and the Nutrition Industry. Being amongst such an incredible group of professionals and industry leaders was both beneficial and rewarding."
Naomi Whittel, Founder/CEO, Reserveage Organics

"This is just one of those special places where an open forum for discourse of ideas and collaboration and evolution and creation really occurs."
Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., FACN, FACB, Founder & President, The Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute 

In your words: The 2011 NBJ Summit

"I wanted to follow up and let you know how truly great NBJ was last week. You and your entire team did a fantastic job, the speakers were excellent, the food was great, the people were all so very kind. Dana Point was beautiful, it could not have been a better event. Many thanks for all you do!"

Jacque Jacque Gibson, CEO Beauty Foods

"I want to thank you all for a very informative and enjoyable experience. I look forward to following up with each of you on the subjects we discussed."
Jeff Wuagneux, CEO/President RFI Ingredients LLC

"Thanks you for including Joe and me on this event. I feel it was a great first step in an annual event that helps bridge the tremendous opportunities that exist between the US and China. We look forward to future participation!"
Larry Kolb, TSI Inc.

"What a great week I had at the NBJ Summit! Educational, fun, great networking, and most of all, great connecting with all of you. Thanks again, and talk to you soon."
Peter Melton, Co Branded Custom Logos, Kleen Kanteen

In your words: The 2010 NBJ Summit

"I had some of the most productive and frankly enjoyable conversations I've had at one of these types of conferences in a long time. Great job and looking forward to next year."
Robyn Lawrie Rutledge, Principal, TSG Consumer Partners

"My wife (the Executive Chef at The Santa Barbara Club) always says that the key to any successful catering event or dinner party is threefold; (1) You start with a phenomenal appetizer that surprises and inspires people, (2) You serve an outstanding main course that is cooked to perfection, and (3) You end with an outrageous and unique desert. The recent NBJ Summit modeled this success: starting with Vitamin Angels 'Summit of the Angels', introducing people to Ben Zander as your main keynote, and finishing with Apollo Ono, you had your audience captivated from start to finish. Congratulations and applause to you all."
Howard B. Schiffer, Founder and President, Vitamin Angels

"We had a great time! We all just wish that we could have attended earlier! It was fantastic getting such a helping and open welcome into the nutrition industry and we are hungry and determined to stay for a long time."
Apolo Ohno, Founder, 8zone and eight-time Olympic medalist

"This was my first time attending and I believe that by far, this was more beneficial to our company than any other conference we have attended this year."
Marian Barker, VP, New Product Introductions & Strategic Initiatives, NAI

"I have to tell you that for me it really is the most personally rewarding and enriching event I go to in the industry."
Adam Ismail, Executive Director, Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s

"Congratulations on an impressive meeting, and thanks for having me there."
John Gay, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Natural Products Association

"As always, I had a great time, learned a lot and was inspired by some of the excellent speakers, and saw many old friends and made some new ones."
Mark Blumenthal, Founder and Executive Director, American Botanical Council

"Congratulations on a terrific event—the BEST—your extra effort in speakers and panel members really paid off. Plus, I think your balance and flow is about as good as it can get."
Bill Nicholson, CEO, ISI Brands

"It was a very exciting, efficient and enjoyable meeting as usual. We learned a lot and met our old friends as well as new friends.
Steve Yamada, President/CEO, Maypro

"I thought this year's (2010) program was outstanding. It was definitely, the best one I've attended. This was the first time, I was able to stick around to the end and be riveted by the content. Great job! Keep the bar high and I look forward to next year's program."
Matthew Phillips, President/COO, Cyvex Nutrition

"Thanks to you and your team for a fabulous event! They just keep getting better. Great food, great venue, great networking! I look forward to next year."
Larry Tree, Co-Founder / CEO, Weil Lifestyle

"I sincerely enjoyed The Summit and hope to be attending for the next several years!"
Marian Barker, VP, New Product Introductions & Strategic Initiatives, NAI

"Thanks to you and the team for a fantastic few days - very enlightening for me, and a great opportunity to step outside the day to day and think about the business while getting to know new people."
Richard Henfrey, Director People & Strategy, Blackmores

"It was a valuable event for me, and I plan on attending next year."
Rene LeClerc, Vice President-Sales, Ascenta Health