July 17, 2018

1:15 PM  -  5:10 PM

Palos Verdes Ballrooms 4&5

NBJ Summit Innovation FIX

Six game-changing entrepreneurs and business visionaries will present their innovations and challenges to a select group of nutrition industry leaders as part of this interactive and high-impact “master mind” session. NBJ Summit participant will get to know and help those who are working to create new opportunities for the nutrition industry, while sharing their talent, expertise and ideas in an atmosphere of generosity and learning.

NBJ Summit Innovation Fix
Sponsored by: MegaFood

Facilitators: Greg Horn, President & CEO, Specialty Nutrition Group
Carlotta Mast, SVP, Content, Informa Global Health & Nutrition Network
Featured Speaker: Eric Ryan, Co-Founder & CEO, Olly

Innovation Fix Presenters:
Biotech 2.0: Adam Noble, CEO & Co-Founder, NobleGen
Andressa Lacerda Ph.D., Chief Commercial Officer & Co-Founder, NobleGen
Mentor: Rob Gillison, Managing Director, SDA Ventures LLC
From the Roots: Jonathon Larson, CEO, Oriya Organics
Mentor: Robert Craven, CEO, MegaFood
Gut Microbiome: Afif Ghannoum J.D., CEO, BIOHM
Mentor: John Grubb, Founder, Summit Venture Management
Medicine Crossover: Ashley Dombkowski Ph.D.,Co-Founder & CEO, BEFORE Brands
Mentor: Aaron Bartz, President, Ortho Molecular Products, Inc.
Personalization: Jason Brown, CEO, Vitamin Packs, Inc.
Mentor: Elana Gold, Former CMO, International Abbott Nutrition
Hemp & CBD: Raj Gupta, CSO, Folium Biosciences
Mentor: Edward Hauck, Partner, Nutrition Business Advisors

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