Alan Lewis

Director of Special Projects

While supporting its growth from 19 stores to the current 99, I have been involved in all of Natural Grocers’s fundamental internal transformation. With a deep entrepreneurial background, I have been called on to set up information and accounting systems, food processing lines, eCommerce sites, recruiting systems, marketing plans, social media strategies, small vendor incubators, site selection systems, etc., as the need became apparent. In most cases, we then hired full time staffs to consolidate and operate each of these departments or systems. I have had the agreeable task of researching and executing complicated projects, then handing them off to specialists to run over the long term.

Currently, I am focused on advocacy. This entails monitoring legislation and regulatory actions for dozens of issues that concern us. I work at the local and federal level with policymakers, advocacy and trade groups to stay ahead of key issues. I have helped create national coalitions for key causes, which are able to respond immediately to threats and opportunities.

In the best case, we can quietly intervene early in the process and achieve the right outcome. In other cases, I have had to run system-wide petitioning campaigns and publicly challenge legislators to do the right thing. Always, we base our stance on science and principle.


July 20, 2017

2:15 PM  -  2:30 PM

Palos Verdes Ballroom 4&5

Supplements & the Natural Channel: Why This Partnership Is Important

The relationship between the natural retailer and the supplement maker is what builds a brand and connects consumers to healthier options. But maintaining that relationship in the age of the big box retailer and the Amazon invasion is getting complicated. Alan Lewis has watched that relationship develop and has ideas on how to keep it … Continued

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July 20, 2017

2:40 PM  -  3:00 PM

Palos Verdes Ballroom 4&5