Katherine Doyle

CEO & Board Director

Katherine C. Doyle is the Chief Executive Officer and Board Director of Swanson Health Products which is a private equity backed, health and wellness brand providing a full range of products to help consumers around the world live simply healthier together. Swanson is a direct to consumer business model with ecommerce as the dominant channel. Ms. Doyle is responsible for leading a comprehensive transformation of the business and organization to enable it to compete and thrive in the fast-paced ecommerce market. Swanson has been recognized as a “Best Places to Work in Chicago” just two years after opening an office there and is proud to lead an environment where both women and men can thrive. Over fifty percent of total employees are female including 75% of Vice Presidents.

In addition, Ms. Doyle serves on the Bemis Company, Inc.’s Board of Directors and serves as a member of both the audit and compensation committees. Bemis is a $4b global packaging and innovation provider to consumer products, healthcare and industrial companies with 56 manufacturing facilities across 10 countries.

Previously, Ms. Doyle was a Senior Vice President and Corporate Officer at Abbott Laboratories, where she was led the Abbott Nutrition Products Division, representing over $3b in sales across the Pediatric, Performance, and Therapeutic businesses. The nutrition portfolio spans seven consumer health brands including Similac, Pediasure, Pedialyte, Ensure, Glucerna, EAS and ZonePerfect. Prior to Abbott, Katie was a senior Principal at McKinsey & Company where she worked with leading consumer and retail companies across the US, Europe, and Africa.

Katherine has a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Georgetown University and a master’s degree in International Studies from John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. She was an economics fellow at John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

Katie’s love of wellness extends into her personal life as a marathon runner, triathlete, yoga enthusiast and meditation student. Married for 22 years with three teenage children who are all passionate global explorers and committed to community service.


July 17, 2018

11:30 AM  -  1:00 PM

Palos Verdes Ballroom 7

Women’s Leadership Luncheon: The Journey of a Female Leader

Women have been successful leaders for thousands of years; today, the role of females in business seems more relevant than ever. During this panel, three inspiring female leaders in the nutrition industry will take us on their personal journeys, sharing roadblocks, successes and experiences that helped get them to where they are now and the … Continued

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