Disruption for Good: The Innovations and Ideas that Will Activate Tomorrow’s Nutrition Consumers.

The NBJ Summit full agenda will be coming soon, but here is a sneak peak at the 2018 agenda.

The 2018 NBJ Summit will:

  • Build off of 2017 programming so we continue to develop consumer confidence through science, transparency and disruption.
  • Meet the needs of legacy supplement-focused companies along with those of new attendees in the ingredient and functional food space as well as the omni-channel retail space.
  • Provide leaders with actionable ideas and outside perspectives on how the global nutrition industry can build consumer confidence in ingredients, supply chain, industry relations and finished products.
  • Incorporate new conference programming formats and timeline to provide engaging educational content.
  • Enhance the networking opportunities and create a mentorship program for new NBJ Summit attendees.

During the Summit, we will explore:

  • The State of the Nutrition Industry, with a deep dive into market data & research that highlights the greatest opportunities for the global nutrition industry.
  • Take 10 Innovation Blitz, with a focus on an interactive format and short interviews with the leaders behind innovative companies creating growth and disruption in the nutrition industry.
  • Personalized Lifestyle Nutrition, at the Tipping Point, with a focus on showing successful models in the marketplace that are moving personalized nutrition from theory to practice.
  • Re-envisioning DSHEA, with a focus on what opportunities could arise from a possible DSHEA 2.0 that meets the industry where it is now.
  • Update on Hemp and CBD, with a focus on the CBD opportunity in the current regulatory landscape and the innovation happening with phytocannabinoids.
  • International Opportunities and Strategies, with a focus on case studies exploring the Who, How and Why of companies that have grown the market outside of the US.
  • The Blurring of Pharma and Nutraceuticals, with a focus on product efficacy and defining the line between nutraceutcals and pharma.
  • The New Ag Economy and Its Influence on the Nutrition Industry, with a focus on toxicity as a business opportunity and supply chain shifts occurring due to farmers making the shift away from toxicity in the food system.
  • Retail 3.0, with a focus on the dramatically changing retail landscape and the Amazon effect.