10:30 AM  -  10:45 AM

July 20, 2017

Palos Verdes Ballroom 4&5

Mining Microbial Dark Matter

Martha Carlin, Citizen Scientist, CEO and Co-Founder of the BioCollective will discuss her journey to founding The BioCollective. Ms. Carlin will discuss the promise and the perils of the nascent Microbiome market for the probiotics/nutraceuticals industry and the future impact on personalized health and nutrition. The trillions of microbes that live in and on our bodies is called the microbiome The microbiome is our internal pharmacy. You are more microbial than human and the food you eat is one of the most significant influences on your microbial ecosystem. Modern life, sterile food, overuse of antibiotics and exposure to chemicals have depleted and altered our internal pharmacy in ways we are just beginning to understand. The BioCollective is connecting consumers and researchers to enable deeper understanding of the connections to health and disease, the isolation and culture of new strains of bacteria and rapid produce development and testing. The microbial “dark matter” of our guts offers tremendous potential for the future, understanding how your products can impact the microbiome will be a key component of the nutrition business in the future.