10:15 AM  -  10:30 AM

July 20, 2017

Palos Verdes Ballroom 4&5

Genetically Tailored Personalization: Its Impact on Nutrition & Supplement Companies

Is your company prepared to turn genes into gold? Within the next seven years between 300 million and 1 billion people will have their genome sequenced. This unprecedented amount of genetic data is already ushering in a revolution in the evolution of the nutrition and supplement industry. Welcome to The Age of Personalization.

Dr. Colby will discuss the new concept of Real-Time Personalization, which enables consumers to receive genetically tailored guidance regarding both supplement purchases and adherence. The discussion will include how genetic data can be used today to direct the choices consumers make as to the supplements they purchase. Dr. Colby will also review how genetic data is already being used to personalize nutrition as well as its potential to revolutionize the industry in the near future.