Annalea Krebs


Annalea Krebs is the founder and CEO of, a community of mostly Millennial influencers that share products they’ve tried and loved with their friends/family on social media. This authentic word-of-mouth marketing cuts through marketing clutter and engages consumers with product recommendations from their social network.

Annalea attributes her success to both an intuitive understanding of Millennials (since she is one!), and a focus on promoting good stuff not junk. Social Nature is a trusted Millennial marketing partner to over 100 leading natural brands across North America such as Flora Health, A. Vogel, and SunWarrior.

Recognized as a thought leader in next generation marketing, you can find Annalea’s expertise in publications like Marketing Magazine, Food Navigator, Media Post, and Grocery Business Magazine. Annalea was recently selected by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the top ‘25 Inspiring Entrepreneurs Under 40 Who Are Creating the Next Big Thing’.

Follow her journey on social media @annaleakrebs @socialnature #trynatural


July 19, 2017

11:10 AM  -  11:25 AM

Palos Verdes Ballroom 4&5

How to Market to Millennials, by a Millennial

Getting inside the mind of the millennials is on the must-do list for every nutrition company. This new generation brings a different kind of curiosity, one that’s tech-enabled and community connected. Annalea Krebs, founder & CEO of Social Nature, will share insights gleaned from a decade of marketing natural brands to Millennials – sharing best … Continued

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