Brandon Colby, M.D.

Founder & CEO

Brandon Colby, MD is a world leader in the fields of Medical Genetics and Precision Medicine. He
specializes in using advanced genetic technologies to provide personalized, proactive medical care
focused on avoiding disease while optimizing health and longevity. He works with healthcare practices
and Fortune 500 companies throughout the world to utilize genetic technologies in-order to provide
genetically-tailored products and services.

Dr. Colby is the Founder & CEO of and the author of the popular book Outsmart Your
Genes, the definitive guide to genetic testing and personal genomics. He has appeared as an expert
advisor on The Doctors, Good Morning America, Fox News and NPR and is a member of Health Advisory
Board of Equinox Fitness.

Dr. Colby has invented numerous patent-pending technologies that make genetic data accessible,
actionable and empowering. This includes Real-Time Personalization® (+RTP) technology, which enables
software applications (apps) to provide a personalized user experience based upon each app user’s

Dr. Colby holds a MD from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, a MBA from Stanford University’s
Graduate School of Business and a BA in Genetics with Honors from the University of Michigan. He is an
Affiliate Specialist of the American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG), an Associate of the American
College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM), and a member of the American Society of Human Genetics
(ASHG) and the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC).


July 20, 2017

10:15 AM  -  10:30 AM

Palos Verdes Ballroom 4&5

Genetically Tailored Personalization: Its Impact on Nutrition & Supplement Companies

Is your company prepared to turn genes into gold? Within the next seven years between 300 million and 1 billion people will have their genome sequenced. This unprecedented amount of genetic data is already ushering in a revolution in the evolution of the nutrition and supplement industry. Welcome to The Age of Personalization. Dr. Colby … Continued

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