Dachao Zhang

China Health Care Association
Vice Deputy Secretary-General

Mr. Zhang Dachao is the Vice Deputy Secretary-General of the China Health Care Association, the President of Committee of Health Care Consulting, graduated from Peking University School of Pharmacy, started his career working for the National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center (formerly the Ministry of Health Food Hygiene Supervision and Inspection). In 1998 Mr. Zhang Dachao founded Dadao Ankang, one of the first CROs existed in China focusing on assisting domestic and foreign supplement companies with regulatory and research assistance. Currently Mr. Zhang Dachao also serves as: the Vice Secretary General for the Committee of China Food Science and Technology Society Nutrition Support Professional, Executive Director for China Food Science and Technology Society – Sports Nutrition Food Branch, Part-time Professor for Lanzhou University School of Public Health, Senior Consultant for Beijing Functional Peptide Engineering Center, Vice President for Chinese National New Food Resources Health Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, Review Experts for National Science and Technology Ministry of Science and Technology SME Technology Innovation Fund for Biomedical, Regional Health Industry Development Planning Consultant for Shenzhen, Chuzhou, Luohe and other cities around China, while being the Consultant for Chinese National Institute of Food and Fermentation Technology, Perfect (China) Co., Company, Red Bull Vitamin Beverage Co., Ltd., Besunyen Holding Co. and other dozens of domestic and international well-known enterprises.


July 18, 2017

3:45 PM  -  4:00 PM

Palos Verdes Ballroom 4&5

The China Opportunity: The Why Behind Chinese Consumer Demand for U.S. Nutrition Products

China is the biggest market on the planet and the biggest headache for the industry, and knowing the players and the game isn’t always enough. Sales in China are most lucrative for companies ready to maneuver on a constantly shifting landscape. It’s not news that moving sales online is a workaround for complex health and … Continued

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