Mike Burn


Mike Burn co-founded Future Partners, the Silicon Valley innovation products and services company. Along with the Future team they provide cultural outlaws—frustrated by their attempts to jail-break the status quo—with the language, frameworks, tools, and techniques they need to escape biological and cultural forces and drive positive change in their organizations, communities, countries, and the world.

Future Partners builds software, train and coach leaders and teams, run immersive workshops, and partner with organizations around the world to help them do work that matters.  

Mike Burn has 17 years of international consulting and product development experience focusing on first-of-kind, game changing technology solutions with a focus on the property and casualty insurance industry, where he holds numerous patents. Mike became a partner at Future Partners in 2013 and today he teaches Think Wrong Practices to clients around the world.

Mike was an intrapreneur at Guidewire Software for 7 years where he co-founded a Big Data business to provide insurance executives with instant, real-time access to their data and industry data for benchmarking, strategic planning, performance analysis, and catastrophe response. 

Previously he was responsible for opening up markets to Guidewire in Europe and China.

Mike was responsible for the multi-national development of the world’s most effective claims management system at USAA in San Antonio, Texas where he worked for 3 years. Mike spent five years—including the dot com boom—as a globetrotting programmer designing and implementing web infrastructures for IBM clients around the world. Mike reaches an average audience of 1,000 people each year through his work at Future



July 18, 2017

9:00 AM  -  11:30 AM

Palos Verdes Ballroom 8

Think Wrong Blitz: Rethinking the Future of Nutrition (Invitation Only)

Change is never easy. Even harder is breaking through the status quo to create new opportunities and solutions to challenges that have been hiding in plain sight all along. The NBJ Summit is partnering with Future Partners, an innovation accelerator and consulting firm, to enable a select group of Summit attendees to work together to … Continued

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